How to spot a fake Sydney sugar daddy

How to spot a fake Sydney sugar daddy

If you decide to become a sugar baby you are going to run into a variety of sugar daddies. Some of them are going to be handsome and awesome, most of them are just okay, and a few of them are going to be fake sugar daddy.

Don’t fret, luckily there are a few things they do and say to give themselves away early on.

Here are 4 signs that show that your potential sugar daddy might be fake:

  1. Fake – when they brag about money

Some sugar daddies always will mention in conversation that he’s got a yacht, drives a luxury car, but they never tell about how much money he rakes in. These men are likely to lure in sugar babies with the promise of the fortunes they hold. Even if he is very rich, he will never share that with you. An obvious trap, because a real sugar daddy wants you to like his company before you like his money better.

A lot of first time sugar babies make the mistake of thinking that the richest sugar daddies equal the best sugar daddies. Be warned that it’s not always the case.

  1. Fake – when they insist on ‘pay-per-visit’

When these ‘fake’ sugar daddies are looking to “pay you per visit.” That is you will get “paid” only when he visits and there’s only one thing he’s interested in doing during those visits. Yes, sex, and not much more beyond that. What they’re looking for is a hire escort and not a sugar baby.

In fact, sugar relationships are not about pay for play and sex, it is just a small part of what turns out to be a very beneficial relationship, so please move on or delete and ignore such attempts.

  1. Fake – when looking for a ‘bargain’

If a sugar daddy knows about your allowance range, maybe he has checked it on your sugar daddy websites profile or maybe you’ve had that talk, and he proceeds to try to haggle you down to, raise your red flags.

Why is he trying to bargain for another prices? Real sugar daddies don’t price shop. And they certainly don’t bargain. If you’re what he’s looking for and you’re realistic about your allowance expectations, he’ll be willing to do his part to make sure you’re happy in the arrangement by giving you what you’re asking for.

  1. Fake – when it’s all about him

If you meet with this kind of sugar daddy who leaves the impression that he is very absorbed in himself, for example, he only talks the history of himself, his greatest moments as well as his visionary visions.

Just be wary of potential sugar daddies who are only interested in themselves, for there is no chance you will get around to discussing things that you might interested.

If you do not spot or recognise a FAKE sugar daddy, it is a waste of your time and energy and disappointing. So be smart and use the above list to spot the fake Sydney Sugar daddies. Look out for signs that show their personality and intentions.