Best bars to meet rich single men in Sydney

Best bars to meet rich single men in Sydney

If you are one of these women who are attracted to rich single men and want to go where they hang out.

Look no further because we’ve listed 7 of the most popular spots you most definitely will see them in.

  1. The Ivy


The Ivy is popular nightspot for affluent single Sydney men. The huge George Street complex comprises several eating and drinking venues, including a pool bar, and Saturday night burlesque performances.

  1. The Winery


The Winery is in Surry Hills, is the place where wealthiest men s in Sydney like to go.  It features a great wine list, courtyard and private dining room, and hosts fashion markets on Saturdays. You will be noticed by rich sugar daddies but also will have a great night out.

  1. Opera Bar


The Opera Bar, located beside the iconic Sydney Opera House, is likely to be an after-work favourite for a lot of professional, rich single Sydney men. With indoor and outdoor bars and fantastic views of the Opera House and Harbour Bridge.

  1. Golden Sheaf Hotel


It’s the top venue for Paddington residents and one of the most popular among men from Bondi and not any kind of man but the affluent kind. This is the perfect place to find your rich single Sydney man hanging out with his equally affluent buddies. 

  1. Beach Road Hotel



The Beach Road Hotel is Bondi’s loud, busy go-to venue that is known for its free live music events. It is the number one most popular venue among some of the rich single Sydney men when they want to check out young girls. Throw something stunning you are sure to be noticed.

  1. The Establishment


Located at George Street, this venue attracts an upmarket, professional crowd and rich single Sydney men. It is among Sydney’s most well known venues, where the professional rich men hang out. Now that you know, take yourself there.

  1. The Eastern


The four-storey Eastern Hotel features a rooftop Mexican bar, as well as South American and Greek dining venues. A little hidden from the world and perfect venue to meet a rich single Sydney man.