Difference between a sugar babe and an escort in Sydney

Difference between a sugar babe and an escort in Sydney

To draw the comparison between a sugar babe and an escort and call them the same is definitely wrong. There are clear distinctions between them and clearly them are not the same.  Escort girls and sugar babe in Sydney are not interchangeable; there are vast amounts of differences between the two.

Here are four reasons why they are not the same:

  1. Relationship vs. transaction 

An escort and a client have a transactional relationship. They often meet to a single, short period of time, exchange money and engage in a physical act and part ways.  There is no relationship, just a one-encounter situation.

Sugar babies and sugar daddies, have an on-going relationship, not transaction.

Sydney sugar babes and sugar daddies have a real connection and a real possibility at romance. Unlike Sydney escorts where this connection is not desirable, only the exchange of money is.

Although a sugar daddy and a sugar babe’s relationship doesn’t quite follow the traditional rules of courtship, it is none the same a valid relationship. Time, emotion and respect are a real investment just like in the more traditional relationships.

  1. Difference between a Sydney sugar babe and a Sydney escort

The key difference is that a sugar babe chooses and lifestyle and an escort a profession.  A Sydney sugar babe is a woman who wants to date financially, secure man who can provide her the lifestyle she wishes for.

A sugar babe is selective about who she dates, an escort isn’t selective with whom she takes as the next client.

The risks that an escort takes are numerous to name a few: exposure to abuse, health risks and theft. Many escorts are also subjected to emotional and physical abuse too often.

An escort makes a monetary exchange for a sexual act; however, a sugar babe sex is never a requirement only a development of a relationship.

  1. Dating a Sydney vs. paying a Sydney escort

A sugar daddy is a generous man who wants to see his sugar babe succeed. When two people are involved in a beneficial relationship, they respect and value each other.

An escort is paid for a service; a sugar babe receives funds as an added benefit of dating a rich man. This man generosity will want to see that his sugar babe comfortable and he cares for has all the comfort that makes her happy. Unlike an escort, a sugar daddy wants his sugar babe to hang around him and his only.

  1. Quality vs. quantity

Sydney sugar babes have a life of their own, it could be they are studying or are already a professional. They seek a mentor that can introduce them to the right people and forward their career. Sydney sugar babes have long-term goals and have interesting personalities.

Sydney escorts use their trade a source of income; they aren’t looking for mentors or anyone with a specific level of expertise. Escorts are hired for one hour or an evening of role-play without any emotional connection.

A Sydney sugar babe, will treat you as a person who has emotional needs and respect you for who you are and not just a job.